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    2010 Campaign
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  • 2010 Battle (dis)honors

    Imperial fists : W1 L1 D0

    Black Saints : W0 L0 D0

    Steel Legion :

  • Space Hulk Team

    Mission I : Completed. No K.I.A.

    Mission II : Completed. No K.I.A.

    Mission III: Completed. No K.I.A.

  • My Kill Team – defender / attacker

    Mission I Sabotage : Blew up the command bunker NO KIA : Success

    Mission II Assassinate : Flamed the mark NO KIA: Success

    Mission III Evacuate : Team left the table NO KIA/ Sucess

    Mission IV Last Stand : Killed all 27 Slaaneshi heretics + Boss, 2 KIA (2 full recovery, team full strenght)

  • Waiting for…

  • and especially

  • THE Men

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6 months timeout – The Warforge


As usual, I have a tendancy to disapear for months on end on personnal business.

Today, i just wanted to share a wonderful  little link : The Warforge,



John kicks one off the shelf

Every now and then, John sends one prized miniature out the door. This time it’s the Dwarf Lord’s turn to be shown off. Anyone wanting to buy this baby off our hands is welcomed to go bid on it


This Dwarf is a Golden Demon gold award at GD Toronto 2007.


Slipping in and out. August plans and GD Baltimore 2010.

Good evening guys,

Haven’t been too active lately on neither blog, site or forums. Wife health issues had us stressing for the better part of these last few months and we’re still not out of the woods yet. But things seem to have calm down a notch.

This and the fact that John moved back to Greece, a good share of bad (and good) luck and timing, and that Im living out of suitcases most days of the months haven’t left much time for proper hobby activities.

I will be back on track on the 1st of August.

Many items of John’s collection and creations will be auctionned in the 2 first weeks of August. Starting with his 2007 Golden Demon Gold award Dwarf Lord.

I will be attending GD Baltimore and will gladly meet anyone there.

Historical busts casting is on its way and our 1st ever bust will be up for sale.

I will be contacting a few companies that offer casting services, if anyone has suggestions, please drop me a line.

John is preparing his entries for his first ever GD England and will attend. I will not have this luxury 😦

All in all, August will have me post loads of pix of new minis and out of this world projects.

Stay tuned,


Small update

Well Julius is almost done, John had some delays while finishing some other projects. You will see in the following days:

Julius done and done

Pre-Heresy Imperial Fist Predator

Scratch built Ork Dreadnought


Imperial Fist Command Squad and characters

– Manti

Size comparison

Im getting a lot of questions about the size,

here u go:

Julius Antigonus, Part 3

Still some painting to be done, but here is an update

Ork Dread WIP and Imperial Fists

While Julius is getting painted by John, I thought it would be nice to show you the next piece to be completed : the Ork Dread. After this bad boy an Imperial Fist Command Squad and decision makers will be added.

This dread will be getting a lot more gadgets in the next days.